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Why Hire Ken as Your Coach?

Harvard-educated and equally left- and right-brained, Ken has the tools and the passion to help 

people get from where they are to where they want to be.  

He is a Board Certified Coach™ with endorsements in personal coaching 

and executive/leadership/business coaching.

Ken is an expert in understanding human needs psychology and the underlying rules 

and values that affect behavior.  

Ken authored self-help book, Overcoming Your Parents; tens of thousands of copies of the book 

have been distributed.

Currently focusing on his creative pursuits, Ken has very limited availability for coaching.   Please click the link below to add your name to the waiting list or to ask for a referral to other highly-skilled coaches.

R.Kenneth Rich, M.S., Ed.M., M.F.A., B.C.C.
R.Kenneth Rich, M.S., Ed.M., M.F.A., B.C.C.

The Investment in Yourself

Testimonials from around the world

Clients in their own words

"Yes, even coaches need coaches!…Ken allowed me to open that part of me up, and find a new direction. I felt I also received answers for a few things I couldn't quite explain from the past. As a woman, I would've normally felt a female would understand me better, but Ken amazingly seems to know exactly what to say!" – Divya Bannerjee, Awaken the Inner Goddess, Melbourne, Victoria, Australia 

"His ability to quickly identify the area in which one is struggling leaves me amazed at his well-honed skills.  Would I recommend him to others? I already have." – Jami Scholl, Bloomington, Indiana. USA

"He knew me better than I assumed he would within a minute into the conversation. Within an hour, I had more insight into myself and why I had been making the choices I was making." – Tiffany Hansen, Long Island, New York, USA. 

"Ken is a kind spirit who guides you through your problems by his direct but loving approach. He taught me to get back in touch with the little girl inside of me. It is very clear that he is used to guiding women." – Kamilla Holst, Copenhagen, Denmark 

"Despite years of counseling and inner child work, Ken helped me to see and feel where I was being self-destructive in just one session. His passion, insight and energy for the work he does really does make a difference in people's lives." – Fiona Oliver, Staffordshire, England

"I've been studying personal development for 15 years. I reached out to Ken, and with his honesty, compassion, and pointed questions, I had a major breakthrough regarding how I could meet all my needs and values in much better ways." – Bayo Olorunto, Life & Fitness Coach, Author, New York, New York, USA 

"It is clear from the moment you connect with Ken, that he knows his stuff, and is laser focused on the most important issue…..connecting you back with yourself." – Jacob Melaard, Qatar 

"Ken is absolutely amazing!! In less than an hour Ken was able to uncover my potential and help me realize that I have what it takes to live the life that I always dreamed of. Transformational!" – Saranda Rex, Orlando, Florida, USA 

"Ken’s gift of complex simplicity has allowed me to understand my behavior in such a way that empowers me. Ken added priceless value to my life by helping realize that our capacity to love is always intact regardless of life's challenges." – Ana Zaffiro, San Antonio, TX, USA 

"Ken made the experience of being coached flow and feel easy in a moment where it would have been more comfortable finding somewhere to hide away on my own! From our conversation I have found new insights, which are already hugely beneficial." – Rachel Ogden, Rachel Ogden Coaching, Harrogate, North Yorkshire, UK 


"Ken encouraged me to face my biggest fear and made it less scary because he was with me all the way, making me feel safe and not alone with it. Ken is extremely easy to talk to but he also know how to challenge you!" – Maria Maunula, Turku, Finland 

"Ken was amazing at helping me bring the love I was missing back into my life. He truly showed me that the thing I was looking for was within me, hidden, and waiting to come forward." – Samantha Watkins, Life Coach, Pasadena, Texas, USA 

"Ken helped me to find the reason why I was not able to materialize my dreams and what was holding me back to do what I knew I was prepared to do and I was capable to do. He is a fabulous coach. His wisdom, sharpness, intelligence and compassion, add a value to his coaching technique that cannot be paid with money." – Isa Sala, Valencia, Spain 

"I have to say my coaching session with Ken was the most insightful coaching session that I have ever experienced. I was able to see many things about the way I was ‘being’ in my life that were actually stopping me from moving towards where I wanted to go." – Catherine Evans Amery, Tree of Life Coaching, Western Australia 

"In just 2 short weeks, through his skill, humour, persistence and love, Ken has brought me through confusion and anger, into action and happiness!" – Christine Baker, Loving Warrior Coaching, Orleans, Ontario, Canada 

"I reached out to you originally because I felt like you were a coach that would be straight up with me and not hold back. I appreciate everything you did for me and I received a ton of benefit from your coaching. I wish I could give you a big hug. 

From the heart, always, Kelly" – Kelly Sparks-Porter, Colorado, USA


Every aspect of my life has been enhanced since Ken became my coach. He was able to see the true me under the mask. He understood me and because of that he was able to gain my trust immediately. With his techniques, he got me to release my anger, fear and limiting beliefs. Ken has shown me that I am the one who has control and power over my emotions. My heart is once again open to love myself and others unconditionally. What makes Ken an amazing coach is the man that he became through his experiences. I would recommend him to anyone who wants a life change." – Valentina Famularo, Pennsylvania, USA

"His sense of humor and openness create an instant sense of ease: 'Hey, this guy is going to help me, AND it's going to be fun.'  It was like having my own personal carpenter, doing the work of carrying the heavy toolkit. He just handed over the tools, one at a time, 'Here, try this one.' Now, he could have just left the toolbox there, and I could have tried potluck until I found one I thought was working.  Instead, he put just the right tools in my hand, let me mess with them, and said, 'There you go. You've got what you need. You can use this anytime.' So now, I have my own little toolbox...and it's not very heavy, because it only has the tools I really need in it; I'm able to carry it around with me wherever I go." – Jeanne Bruce Phillips, Charlottesville, Virginia, USA