Suicidal Life Coach

Full length Play (2 m, 4 f)

It's life coach Fred Sigman's wedding day. His fiancée is histrionic, mercurial, and already planning their annulment! No wonder he's depressed! 

Believing that laughter is, indeed, the best medicine, this SUICIDAL LIFE COACH employs over-the-top humor to address the serious realities of depression while offering strategies to help loosen the grips of despair, hopelessness, and helplessness. 

One Act version (1 m, 2 f)

A coaching session seems to jump the tracks when Fred discusses a suicide pact with one of his clients.

The Next Step

A woman, on the edge of the Brooklyn Bridge, must reconcile the various voices in her head as she decides in which direction to take the next step.

A Chorus Room

A full-length play with music

Conflicting  rumors swirl around a charismatic, but moody, high school music teacher, Ned Fleissberg. He is incredibly close with several of his students.  

Many years later, his former students reunite at Ned's funeral where they learn the truth about him.

Music by David Jayden Anthony; Additional music by R.K. Rich

The Bravest Women

Full-length musical

The Bravest Women  is "Rocky in a Firehouse"... except Rocky's name is Brenda.  

The Bravest Women is based on real events and tells the inspiring story of the  women who "went the distance" to become and remain firefighters.  From discrimination, harassment, and life-threatening "hazing," these women faced seemingly insurmountable hurdles and obstacles...yet, they managed to clear them all.

Roman and Julie

Full-length musical

A forbidden romance blossoms between Roman and Julie, the adult children of two presidential candidates.